Visceral Lit

{May 10, 2007}   Why she stayed

Andalee slammed the phone into its cradle, frustrated. Three times in a row, now. Three times he’d cancelled at the last minute. How long was she going to put up with this shit? She’d convinced herself weeks ago that she didn’t need him. That his bullshit wasn’t worth the sex.

It was such good sex though – Her mind wandered to the last time they’d been together, his sinewy hands fimly wrapped around her hips, fingertips leaving small imprints in her flesh, her hipbones grasped for leverage as he slammed himself inside her.

Her face flushed a bit to think about it and her hand creeped, almost of its own volition, towards the band of her panties. It was hot in this room. Hot outside.

Her eyes fluttered when she thought of the way his old ties had been recommissioned, to bind her hands over her head. Fastened to the headboard, face down, knees spread firmly, with command. Her clit yearning for pleasure, her pussy filled with him. The vague pain that mingled with the pleasure as he reached the base of his own cock and still strained for deeper penetration.

She gasped as she remembered the feeling of his hair, brushing against her back as he lowered himself to grasp a mouthful of flesh between his teeth, his right hand swinging out to lay down an imprint on her ass. Her body jerked in reaction and he grasped her hips again, firmly pulling them back into position over his cock.

The pictures unfolded behind her eyes as she struggled for the surety she’d had only moments before. His lips and eyes flashed across her mind and she gave up the struggle. Vigorously, she attacked her cunt.

Her left hand flew up and down, applying just the slightest pressure on her clit, her less dexterous (or should I say less sinister?) right hand curling up underneath her, striving for something approaching the depth of penetration he could acheive for her.

Kicking the sheets and blanket down to the end of her bed, she curled them around her feet, creating a sensation of being bound. She moaned under her gasping, shuddering breaths as she pictured his lips enveloping her breasts, sucking the nipples in and biting down hard.

How bad she’d been, doubting him, expecting him to adapt to the schedule of her clamouring libido. He was withdrawing the pleasure now. Leaving her trembling in anticipation, in frustrated desire.

She panted at the idea of his cock, dripping with her sex, and his demands that she finish him with her mouth. Her fingers crept up her chin and she sucked the juices off them, her other hand pinching her engorged lips together, punishing them for their presumption.

She could practically taste his orgasm shooting to the back of her throat as she let go suddenly of her pussy, the blood rushing painfully back into it, bringing with it her own climax, an excruciating pleasure which extracted a cry from her throat.

If he did it again, though, she was through.

{May 7, 2007}   Tie me up, Tie me down

Breath came raggedly to her. Her eyes bore into his with consummate intensity, the flecks of gold around the pupil flashing as she tilted her head to one side, arching her neck simply, pressing her breasts flat against his chest. He noted with satisfaction a flutter of her eyelids and watched as a bead of perspiration welled on her temple and then tumbled the short distance into rapidly dampening strands of hair.

She locked her eyes on his again and he sensed the surrender in them as she allowed her body to carry her away. He arched his own back and shuddered slightly as she drew him in. His head sank into her exposed neck, tasting salt upon contact with the slick skin. He ran his hands up her arms and over the rough hemp that bound her wrists. Her hips moved suddenly towards him, taking his breath away as his cock moved even deeper inside of her.

He moved his hands down her arms now and gathered her up, his fingers grasping her shoulders, pulling her down onto him. He realized dimly, through a haze of sensation that her deep, scarcely audible moans had risen in both pitch and volume and that his own lips allowed complementary utterances. Their bodies were moving more quickly now and he gathered up a mouthful of flesh and bit down on it as his cock swelled and stiffened urgently. Her cunt tightened around him in waves, ripples of electricity running from tip to base, timed with the treble of her distant sounds.

He let go of her neck, lightly brushing his lips over the dents left by his teeth, probing them with the tip of his tongue. His fingers slipped from her shoulders and he grasped her hips firmly as his body prepared for release. He felt her stiffen in his hands and released himself. She cried out as each throb pumped more of his pleasure into her. He looked down at her face, intensity on every line. Her breathing became deeper and also more rapid as her own peak hit. She fell silent as her body trembled under him and around him.

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